This meeting of the Cultural Content Forum is taking place
at the Villa Celle, just outside the town of Montecatini Terme. Montecatini
lies in the Italian region of Tuscany, some 40km from Florence/Firenze.

The meeting is being organised in association with the
EVA Florence conference,
which takes place during the preceding week, and we are grateful to the
organising committee for their help in arranging things for us in Italy.

Getting to and from Montecatini Terme

To assist in reaching our meeting venue, a bus has been
arranged from Florence on the evening of Friday 28 March. This bus will
depart from outside the Palazzo Affari (venue for EVA Florence) in

Piazza Adua at 7:30pm.

Attendees who do not wish to ride on this bus will
need to make their own arrangements for reaching Montecatini Terme, at their
own expense.

For those not attending the EVA conference, the Palazzo
Affari is well placed in Florence, only 100m from the Santa Maria Novella
railway station, or a

taxi ride from the airport.

The same bus will return to Florence from Montecatini Terme
on Sunday 30 March. It will depart around 5:00pm, reaching Florence/Firenze
Airport around 5:40pm and central Florence around 6:00pm.

Individuals travelling with meeting attendees may be
accommodated on this bus.

Accommodation in Montecatini Terme

Attendees of the Forum will be reserved rooms at the
President in Montecatini Terme for the nights of 28 and 29 March. The
cost of this accommodation will be met thanks to support from the Bank of
Pistoia Foundation. Any other accommodation costs are the responsibility of
the attendee themselves.

The hotel’s address is Corso Matteotti 119, Montecatini
Terme. The hotel phone number is +39 0572 767201, fax +39 0572 767668.

Partners etc. travelling with attendees will also be able to stay in the
hotel, although any additional room costs will need to be paid, and making
these special arrangements will be the responsibility of the attendee. The
hotel will charge €41.50 per night, bed and breakfast, for an additional
guest in an attendee’s room, or €57 per night, bed and breakfast, for an
additional single room.

Partners etc. will be unable to join us at the Villa Celle
during the day, although they are invited to dinner in
Montecatini Terme on the night of 29 March.

Meeting venue

We are meeting at our hotel on the Saturday, and in the
Villa Celle, around 10km from Montecatini Terme on the Sunday. A bus will
take attendees to and from the villa on Sunday.

Powerpoint projection facilities are available at the villa,
but an internet connection will not be available.